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Case study

Toll Group

In 2022, Toll was seeking smarter solutions to better support its operations and future growth. At the time, the business was relying on a range of WMS solutions across different sites, including a legacy version of Paperless WMS at its dangerous goods warehouses.

Having been installed in 2007 and with no updates since then, there was a desperate need to upgrade systems to support Toll’s evolving business needs and promote sustainable growth.

The challenge​

Existing servers were outdated and subject to failure, while legacy operating systems and databases were unable to be patched to the latest security requirements.


The on-premise Paperless WMS provided Toll with a unique feature set developed specifically to suit the Dangerous Goods operation, but its design left the business unable to leverage the latest API integrations and an outdated UI meant frustration for Toll’s employees.

toll group case study


After careful assessment, Toll determined that the cloud-based Paperless WMS was the best solution for their needs, offering both robust security and sophisticated functionalities to give them the competitive advantage they needed. Furthermore, the benefits of having a supplier-managed system were very attractive from both a cost and efficiency perspective.


In collaboration with Toll, the Paperless team migrated 10 Toll sites off three separate on-premise servers to a single Cloud instance hosted via Amazon EC2 in a staged approach. A standby DR instance was also configured and a thorough UAT process was conducted in partnership with Toll’s warehouse staff. Additionally, several end-client integrations were configured and tested to ensure a smooth transition and different processes were configured across each of the sites to suit the specific needs of each warehouse.


The implementation of the cloud-based Paperless WMS was a game-changer for Toll, eliminating the consistent server outage disruptions they were dealing with before migration. Toll is now on a fully secure server instance, patched to the latest standards for cyber security and housed behind Toll’s own AWS firewall providing full visibility and management of all WMS traffic by Toll’s cyber security team. It has also enabled Toll to leverage the API integration they needed to achieve a more connected and streamlined digital ecosystem.

Toll’s operations are now running on a robust and secure environment designed to support their future business objectives.

Reduction in infrastructure costs

Increased reliability

Boost in operational savings

100% operational uptime

Key Results

The transition [was] extremely smooth… Having someone onsite that really understood the system helped with the transition from both a technical and user experience perspective.

- Toll Operations Manager, Brisbane