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Case study

GTS Freight Management 

After winning a national contract to warehouse and distribute products for one of Australia’s major wine producers, GTS Freight Management needed a sophisticated solution to handle its inventory and warehousing operations at its Mildura site.

The challenge​

The GTS team had previous experience managing a wine inventory using their client’s WMS from Paperless. As they expanded their own operations beyond freight and into warehousing, they knew a WMS would be required to fulfil their growing customer requirements as they increased volume and warehouse scale.


From the outset, GTS had ambitions to implement automation solutions that would maximise efficiency. They knew Paperless WMS were the perfect fit to support those long-term goals.


GTS partnered with Paperless to implement Paperless WMS into its operations. With powerful integration capabilities, GTS was able to connect with clients’ own ERP systems to deliver greater visibility ­and empower clients to make better inventory management decisions. As the operation continued its rapid growth, GTS sought further automation solutions and Paperless assisted with the rollout of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which are fully integrated with Paperless WMS.

gts freight management


Once implemented, Paperless WMS enabled GTS to streamline warehouse processes and maximise operational capabilities. Trucks are now able to be received during the day while AGVs put pallets away at night. Ultimately, it means GTS is able to run a 24-hour operation without the need for costly manual labour. Comprehensive stock rotation functionalities, real-time stock visibility, and cycle counting via RF mean consistently optimal inventory levels and stock count accuracy.


Additionally, the GTS team are now able to manage client billing more efficiently thanks to Paperless WMS’ 3PL multi-owner and billing features, while the ability to seamlessly integrate with client ERPs has saved significant time by eliminating the need to manually enter orders every day. To achieve further cost savings, GTS migrated their on-premise system to the Paperless cloud service, freeing the team from previous constraints and costs associated with on-premise systems.

Since implementing Paperless WMS, GTS has been able to successfully expand its client base and operational footprint. They are now supported by a scalable platform that aligns with their business goals and allows them to continually find new opportunities to further their efficiency.

Grown to over 30,000sqm of warehousing in Victoria

Built out a fleet of more than 115 prime movers

Added 50+ sub-contractors to existing employee network

Increased pick & labelling accuracy via mobile printers on forklifts

Key Results

We moved into autonomous technology … to attract more business through our increased efficiency. Tasks are assigned to the AGVs, which are performed out of normal business hours [and] this leaves us with greater capabilities during a working day.

- GTS Warehouse Manager